Monday, 20 May 2013

Turn food into Money!

Opening a new venture could a tedious job, especially if you are new. If food is something that interests you more, then nothing could be a better option than opening a restaurant. However, just a keen interest in food is not enough to operate an eating outlet. Food can be a primary element, along with that you would require appropriate resources, relevant policies, extraordinary vendor support to run a successful restaurant business.
Vikas Ahuja owns a small eating outlet, although he witnesses quite a humble beginning, but churning immense profits now. He shares with us, “I started as a roadside food stall, and did years of struggle in transforming small venture into a full-fledged retail business. Today I possess the manpower of approx two hundred people, but in my early days I had merely two to three people. However, I always believe in better work conditions in order to manage right. “He firmly believes that no compromise should be made in implementing effective HR policies. This is essential to maintain a healthy workforce. “
He further quipped, “Owing to zero recognition and tight budget I had faced tough time in associating with suppliers and manufactures during my early days. During that period, it was tough to convince them. I was always asked for the security money. However, the scenario has changed drastically, in fact, these days there are various got funded schemes are in the fray, which are exclusive to wanna be entrepreneurs, who fall short on monetary terms.”  Well, I had to struggle for many things.

He informed  “ Is somebody is looking to try his or her luck in restaurant business, then the very first thing they should ponder upon is, what kind of restaurant they are looking to open, a casual or high end or exclusively to some specific cuisine, let’s say Indian, Thai, etc. Thereafter, allocate resources accordingly.” Pay extra heed on your business plan and allocate financial resources. Once you are done, start working on the menu, and start stocking kitchen equipments, and furniture for various areas of your restaurant.

“Keep in mind to adopt a proactive approach and positive attitude. These are the ingredients to excel in any area.” He added. 

Friday, 10 May 2013

The Magic of Kathakali

Kathakali is one of the highly stylized form of Indian- dance- dramas. This dance form is known for extensive costumes, heavy duty make-up and detailed body gestures. This beautiful eye movement is a soul of this traditional Indian dance form. A Kathakali artist displays well choreographed movements on tune emitted by percussion instruments. When we conjure up the image of a Kathakali performer the idea that immediately pops in head is, sumptuously adorned woman loaded with tons of gold on her chest, a glittery red scarf trailing from her back. The entire panorama looks quite eye captivating.
 Indian state Kerala is an origin place of this dance form. The history of this cultural art form can be traced back since the ages immemorial. However, 17th century and subsequent years are considered as a significant period in terms of refinement of this art form. Sri Manavedan Raja is a man responsible for bringing this art style to life.
Largely, this dance style is heavily influenced by the life activities of Lord Krishna. There is a very popular folklore behind the origin of this art form. As per the tale, once upon a time Kottarakkara Thampuran the king of Kottarakkara was attacked by the Krishnanattam, so he requested Zamorin for the help. But, owing to some political circumstances, he did not allow to do so. So, as a vengeance motive Kottarakkara Thampuran created an art, which widely known as Ramanattam. This art form transformed into Aattakatha, which is popularly known as ‘Kathakali’ in the present date.

Monday, 17 September 2012

POS system: Advanced gateway for making transaction

Are you a retailer and still caught with traditional way of making the bills and receiving the payments then this following post could be a substantial help for you.
In recent times POS is quite a buzzing word. More and more retailers are opting for POS system. Though, it is an advanced mechanism still there are plenty of loopholes. Let’s caste a light upon pros and cons of  pOS system.

How retailer is benefitted?

1- This mechanism saves the plenty of time not only of customers but retailers as well. Moreover, it cut down the need of extra human recourse, otherwise retailers are expected to make billing counter and hire a person to make bills and receive cash. Now, entire mechanism can be carried out electronically.

2- In addition, the best feature of POS is, it can be customized as per the industry needs. So it not only retailers for them it is useful; in fact, merchandisers from other industry can also be benefitted from this highly lucrative mechanism. Let’s take few examples, how POS system can be utilize in other industries. A restaurant owner can make the usage of POS for customizing the list of sold items. Especially in a case where customer has ordered a special meal POS system is immensely useful create a separate list of such items. The list other verticals where POS system can be used includes warehousing, CRM, inventory management, finances so on and so forth. 

3- Yet another useful feature of POS system is, it has reduced the scope of errors.  In case of manual re-keying information there are sheer chances of error generation. These days available POS softwares are highly advanced in terms of speed and reliability. Moreover, POS system can be managed remotely as well. 

4- It is highly cost effective option for clearing the transaction. Initially, POS application was developed only for the windows operating system. Now, POS applications are available for UNIX operating system as well. Ever decreasing cost of POS system has prompted many retailers to opt for this mechanism for clearing the transactions. Moreover, retailers can purchase the various components of POS easily.

Moreover, with the advancement of technology now cloud technology based POS systems are also available. These are cloud based POS system are easily accessible through the World Wide Web using any internet browser. 

Possible Setbacks

Though, disadvantages are few but they still existed. Beneath mentioned are few possible setbacks.
Internet connection is important in order to make the POS system work. If you are a retailer working in rural area or in an area where with electricity supply is scanty then this could be a potential setback for your business.

Moreover, you would require installing POS hardware, which could be a costly affair. Especially, if you are small or midsized retailer then POS system might not be feasible for you. List of POS hardware can be extensive.
At last, choose POS system that suits your business needs and fulfill your objective. POS is a useful mechanism in long run.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Readymade Vs outsource mobile/ tablet apps for Hospitality

Hospitality is largely a customer service industry. All the industries which fall under the umbrella of hospitality thrive on effective customer care. Hence, they leave no stone unturned to serve the customers.  Now technology is also incorporated in order to felicitate the customers even better. Such practices ultimately results with improved sales graph. Hotel business is not an exception and not alien to IT inventions. Hotel business is taking strides not only in serving the customers, but effective marketing strategies as well, owing to numerous apps exclusively built in for mobiles and tablets. 

Either you are seeking hotel reservation or checking the occupancy status, a mobile app can get your job done in the spur of moment.   Aforementioned was just an example; these days there are numerous revolutionary apps are available in market which imparting their immense contribution to hospitality industry. Moreover, it is also useful tool in establishing the better communication between the customers and the hotel staff.
I can say slow but steadily more and more hotels are adapting to this new age IT inventions. Take the example, industry stalwarts like, Hilton, IHG, Best Western, Choice Hotels are totally relying on mobile apps in terms of inducing the customer loyalty. Owing to the portability feature, mobiles and tablets can be brought almost everywhere. Such utility substantially and exclusive apps reduce the urge to physically walk into the hotel for every little task. 

Due to such advantages, a competitive market is emerging between the readymade ipad/ tablet apps and outsourced apps pertaining to hospitals. There could be a healthy debate on whether or not go for in house customized apps or it is beneficial to use readymade products only. Let’s caste a light upon both:
So far it cleared apps can procured only two ways either through outsourcing (custom apps) or readymade feature. First begin with Customized apps; they can only be got through the outsourcing method. Though, it could sound tempting to have custom apps especially built for your hotel business. But, do bear in mind there are serious concerns that you need to address if you are opting for out sourced method.

First of all, the cost of development is   usually quite high. So be prepared to spend exorbitant amount of money if you need custom apps. Moreover, software market is quite volatile. Almost, everyday new software is penetrating into the market. So there is sheer chances, that there could be new launch in the market which is capable to cater your needs better than your custom made software. In such case, you may find that your invested money is gone in vain.
Either you own an already established or developing hospital. The needs pertaining to your hotel are ever increasing. If you are working with custom made application then every single alteration could be a costly affair.
Hence, it is advised to choose readymade apps, as these are lucrative and cost effective as well.

Take the example of Blynk Hotel. It comes with plethora of benefits from customers’ point of view. To begin with, it can be customized easily, hence; it is quite distinguished from other hotel apps. You can purchase it as pay as you use basis, so if you are willing to switch it with other app, you can do it without monetary loss. The product is in continuous development stage, incorporating new features based upon feedback. Moreover, it can work on major devices and operation systems( OS).

Friday, 17 August 2012

Survival of single woman in modern India -2

Well, life was back on track. Everything seemed normal. Luckily, the new joinee was the team mate of Nupur. His name was Akash. As they two were working on same project. So, they used to interact with each other quite often. Slowly and gradually, this casual friendship started booming into a love interest. Their fascination for each other was quite visible. But, Nupur was quite ambitious girl. She always put her career on priority. Akash was too just starting his career. So, it was next to impossible for him to commit for anything serious in regard to their relationship. Nupur was quite mature girl. She understood the ground reality quite well. She never ever forced Akash for settling down or anything else. 

Few days later, Akash got a lucrative job opportunity from US. He could resist the offer. He picked the job and flew to America. When Nupur comes to know about Akash’s US job offer, she congratulated, but the thought of separation from Akash killed her inside. But, she let him go. Akash was too happy about the job offer, but could not hide his disappointing feeling pertaining to his relationship with Nupur. Though, Nupur always had a clue that she could not merry Akash. But, verbal repel from Akash’s side was quite disheartening.

Akash: I cannot merry you! But you will always be my sweetheart. Do well in your life. God bless you!
Nupur: Thanks! I Know, it’s totally OK. I m fine with it. Even I have to concentrate on my career. Go ahead, do well. God bless you too!( she was crying deep inside with her every single word) 

Thereafter, they just remained good FB friends. Well, Nupur had other issues as well. As she was living with her aging father, who remain sick quite often. Owing which Nupur was sole responsible of all household activities along with look after her father. Due to his old age, her father was unable to search a suitable groom for Nupur. Now, Nupur was responsible for her marriage as well. She was 25 year old woman with hectic schedule including, job, aging father, and studies. Yes, she was studing as well. She was pursuing her master’s degree.    

She shifted her entire focus on her career. She knew, it was kind of impossible for her to get married. In addition, it was also a cause of concern for her that how long she could rely on her father for the monetary support. So, she has to earn money to carry off her. Her concern for her career was taking her away from the thoughts of settling down. 

Now, she was quite mature for having fling. Now, she was only interested in mature relationship. But, now she was only finding men those were interested in having a sexual relationship rather than a committed relationship. This was pissing her off ever more and drifting her away from the notion of being settled down. Now, she had made her head clear that she is not going to settle down. She had almost put off her quest for finding a suitable match. She knew it she never going to marry. One day all of sudden she was fired from the job. She had lot of expectation from this job. Now her world was shattered.

( to be continued..)

Monday, 6 August 2012

Survival of single woman in modern India

(Oh Yes I am 30 years of age, Indian, jobless and UNMERRIED. Indian society still considers it curse especially for woman who turns 30 without finding their husband regardless of their career aspect. Well, with following piece of fiction will definitely diminish the notion..)

Survival of single woman in modern India 

This is a story of a girl named ‘Nupur’ who was deserted by her father in the tender age of three; thereafter she was raised by her mother and step father who was twice of her mother’s age. But, ill fate did not spare her as her mother succumbs to fatal illness while Nupur was just 11. After that she had just had the support her step father. She was living with him in the very small town of Utter Pradesh, India. So far everything seems tragic! But, Nupur was lively girl full of zeal known for her sense of humor. Altogether it is survival story of Nupur who has stepped into this harsh world all by herself.

It was the month of September, so bit of chill was in the air. Nupur was the students of class 7. This poor little girl was responsible for all daily chores including, cooking, and cleaning, and so on along with her studies.  Even then this little girl has not lost her smile. An accident with her close friend tells the actual situation of Nupur.

Shweeta- hey tune sare lessons learn ker liye…

Nupur- khain yar !

Shweeta- kyu? Tu to badi intelligent type ke hai :P

Nupur- hu to! Per tujko pata ha na meri life.. khana bano, kapde dho, in sab kamo mai bhe adhe se jayda time nikal jata hai..

Shweeta—hain yarr! I feel sorry for you..

Nupur- tu bata, tune tu jaroor learn kiye honge! Is bar to tu he top karegi..

Shweeta- rahane de! Tujhe kya pata mere pass bhe bahut sari problems hai.. you know na that boy for whom I have serious crush .. pata nahi kya ho gaya hai.. padhne mai mann he nahi lagata.

Nupur.. hahahha… I feel even more sorry for you.. waise mai tujko bologi apni padai pe dhyaan de… in sab baton mai kuch nahi rakha..

Shweeta- jab tujko pyar hoga na tu poochugi..

Nupur.. chal rahane de… accha ab mai chalti hu..

Shweeta- Bye

Nupur – Byee! Kal milte hai !

Well, Nupur always has a firm believe when she will grow up. She will find her price charming, which will turn savior for her. He will compensate for the love that she did not get in her childhood. This sweet notion always keep her sprit high.. She had a firm believe one day she will find him.

Time keeps on passing by. Nupur was too gradually growing up passing the one class after another. Now, she is in college.. Now her life is better than ever.. Finally, the moment arrives for which finally she was waiting since her childhood. She had a glimpse of her price charming. Well, the name of this young gay was Piyush, who was the classmate of Nupur.

During the first year of college Nupur and Piyush used to stare each other eye to eye. Soon their fascination for each other becomes the topic of gossip among their friend circle. Nupur was madly in love with Piyush. Piyush also had strong feeling for her. But, owing his shy nature he never ever communicated his feelings for her. Well, first year of college was already gone, and these two are still strangers for each other despite having strong feelings for each other.

After the vacations college was just reopened. Piyush and Nupur could not see each other during this short break. As soon as college reopened their eager eyes were looking for each other. It was immense sigh of relief when their eyes meet no matter just for few seconds. Thereafter, Piyush and Nupur immerged into their friends. 

It was third or fourth day when college was reopened. This time Piyush collected all his courage and decided to let his love know about his intimate feelings to her. 

It was the time of physics lecture, but luckily that day professor was absent. Piyush took the advantage of this free period and brought Nupur to cafeteria some of his friends were already there. 

Piyush to Nupur- I know you like me too much.. I like you too.
( Nupur was startled with this sudden thrust of emotions.. she was baffled.. she was not getting how to react to the situation, but internally she was on seventh cloud)
Nupur – no no… nothing like that you are a good student so I just like you ..
( And, she left the place)

She could not hide her feelings for long and she confessed finally. She thought it is a begging of her fairy tale love story. But, there was something else in destiny. In the mid of second year, Nupur fall sick! Her beauty was drove away owing to the illness. Piyush did not turn up that gentle guy, he starts gradually losing interest  in Nupur, because now she was not remained that much of attractive. 

When Nupur comes to know about this she was shattered in to the tears and decided to end the relationship with Piyush. Piyush also did not mind ending the relationship with her. Such callous behavior from Piyush’s side broke her even more.

 She always dreamt about her prince charming and Piyush was all she wanted a young handsome guy known for his sarcastic humor. But, now her world was upside down. Nupur never wanted to broke off the relation she even tried to make things work, but disinterested nature of Piyush was only hurting her more and more. Nupur was not getting what suddenly has happened to Piyush. The guy who was eager to spend rest of his life with her now hates her to the hilt.

Being brought up all by herself Nupur was the strong girl. Soon,  she wiped her tears and started to get over Piyush. Now this was final year of college, and she knew after the final exams she will never see her love again. Gradually, she was over from the Piyush, but deep inside she was still in love with him.. Well, exams happed and both two moved away with their life. Soon Piyush become history for Nupur..

Now Nupr has stepped into her professional life. She was still leaving with old step father. And, life was normal for her. Her daily schedule includes, cooking, cleaning then office. After returning from the office her life remained the same.. but one day, there was a new joinee in her office. This new joinee was bright guy….

( to be continued)

Vanderbilt Country Club, Naples, FL

Vanderbilt Country Club is among the premier communities of Southwest Florida. It is a gated community and also recognizes by the name Common Interest Realty Association, which is abbreviated as C.I.R.A. You need to take a membership from CIRA while making a real estate property. Though, there are no initiation fees for owing the property. 

Vanderbilt Country Club shares the border with Vanderbilt Beach Road and Collier Boulevard. Architecturally, the place is a masterpiece. Accompanied by the shimmering lakes spread in the area of 320 acres and amazing landscapes the place is a dream destination for owning a house.  There is a plethora of single family homes, picturesque villas, and one to two bed rooms homes with car garage. 

The place is absolute vacation paradise in Naples. The tropical surroundings and amazing wildlife is quite enticing and a crowd puller as well. Naples is a home for perfect climate and numerous sandy beaches.  The azure waters from the Golf of Mexico is a heaven on earth. These amazing views of nature are just eight miles away from your door step. The place is replete with cafes, boutiques and upscale market located in Fifth Avenue.   

Real estate market

The bundled community Vanderbilt Country Club is home to numerous estate homes, magnificently created villas, carriage homes. This is an ideal place to purchase the property if you are willing to live a resort type life style. The highlighted features of this area include a club house which is spread across in the area of 34,000 square feet. This club is an assortment of activity center, golf and tennis court with golf cart storage area along with numerous other recreational activities. 

There is also a fitness center in club house area.  Moreover there are walking and fitness tracks that go through from natural preserve of Vanderbilt Country Club. Most of the real estate properties in the area of Vanderbilt Country Club are spread in the area which is anywhere between 1000 square feet to 3000 square feet.  The place is vouched for luxurious life style. Most of the houses in this area are custom finished with immensely beautiful locations. Each house is different in terms of styling and area.  The price tag for this area is staggering high. You have shell out at least 4 to 6 million dollars to own a property in Vanderbilt Country Club.


There are numerous amenities available for local residents.  To start with someone can try their hands six lighted Har-Tru Hydro-Grid tennis courts which is just a walk away from the home. Here you can get the assistance from full time activities director to spend even more memorable time. There are plenty of casual dining options in the Bay window lounge. However, there is no scarcity of formal dining options as well. Formal dining available at Vista room is capable to manage the seating of 180 peoples simultaneously. Moreover, there is free internet access available to Vanderbilt Country Club members. There is a range of spas as well with beverage pavilion. What else some can ask for!